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Release the fear of dis-ease 

and take back agency over your own health

with the W·I·L·D® Wellbeing Speaker.

Let's dive into the Wonderful Intuitive Loving Dance of Life!

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I had the pleasure of meeting Robyn...

and  got to listen to her amazing expertise, 

skills and tips on going from Stress to Flow.

I have taken away a lot from the session

and I'm grateful for Robyn's time.

I highly recommend this lady.

Lizzie Salter


Supporting people to reconnect with their inner nature and dispelling the fear of dis-ease is a passion that resonates deep within me!

If you're seeking a speaker for your community group or workplace and are curious about how embracing the W·I·L·D® Way can enhance your wellbeing, feel free to reach out.  Let's connect and explore the transformative power of living in harmony with Nature! 🌿 

Below you'll discover a few of the topics I delve into, along with an illustrative Masterclass I've conducted.  

If you're eager to explore these topics in more detail and discuss potential collaborations, feel free to click the button below to book a Zoom call.  I'm excited to connect and explore how we can create a meaningful and insightful experience together!

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W·I·L·D® Topics I Love to Share

Wellbeing - for example:
what is 'stress'?

what is dis-ease?

Explore the profound impact of stress

and anxiety on our wellbeing and discover

actionable steps to support ourselves

on the journey to optimal health and happiness.

Dis-ease is not a mistake; it's a source

of valuable information.  The question is,

what profound lessons can it impart

to guide our understanding and healing?

unlocking the healing wisdom within specific conditions - for example:

the process of dis-ease

2 phases of dis-ease

a nurse testing someone's blood sugar level

acute vs chronic dis-ease

healing peaks

a nurse testing someone's blood sugar level


diagram illustrating endometriosis


cross-section of the heart indicating electrical impulses which cause it to beat

atrial fibrillation 

Nature and animals - for example:

Exploring the joy and freedom of living authentically is a journey of self-discovery.  Aligning with our True Nature sets the stage for a life brimming with Wonder, guided by Intuition and overflowing with Love.
Will you Dance with me?

Creating optimum wellbeing for our animal friends involves understanding their unique needs, providing species appropriate nutrition, fostering a supportive environment and offering attentive care.  They in turn helps us learn so much about ourselves and our relationship with the world around us.


Check out this snippet from my "Time and Space Just for You" Masterclass where I delve into effective self-care strategies for moments of stress and overwhelm.  

(You can see this session in full here.)


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